Theresa E. Keves Biography

Theresa E. Keves is an Independent Non-Attorney Professional Mediator, Talk Show Host, Speaker, Hearing Officer, Virtual Business Director and Writer.

With a combination of more than 45 years in the Legal Field and Business/Corporate Arenas, Theresa is extremely passionate, logical and loyal as she is assisting those who are navigating their thought patterns for opening up a new business or for those who are wanting to critique an existing business to gain more of a presence among their competitors.

Theresa’s attributes are not being or doing the status quo of our globalized society, which are employing a “quick, fast and in a hurry,” methodology, which is very prominent in our society today.  She rather likes to employ Stellar Techniques in everything business related and/or in her personal life.

Detailed oriented, Her potential is of a high level for not leaving out important items in her discussions with individuals. She does this by being kind to those she works with and treating them with dignity and respect, coupled with an open mind, great listening skills, suggesting significant ideas for the present and future and then fusing the aforementioned with her experience, educational skills, passion and enthusiasm. Once all these items are combined, it makes for an important and worthwhile combination for great business strategies going forward.

The aforementioned is a big part of her philosophy that she incorporates in her personal and business life. In addition, her doctrine also includes her strong faith and belief that she has in God Almighty. She maintains being a professional at all times, a swift problem solver, invoking great leadership, communication and visionary skills.

She is a caring, insightful and a trustworthy individual.  She is certainly at her best when she is helping those who want and need her assistance, which attributes to the high success rate that she had when she was mediating for the Justice Courts System, The Phoenix Attorney General Office and in her Mediation Practice.

Theresa was a talk show host ( for her own internet radio program, titled “Put It All On The Table Through Mediation.” It aired bi-weekly, on Thursdays at 8 am MST. The premise of this show was to not only have great conversations about mediation; but, to educate, inform, enlighten/inspire the general public about the great benefits that are contained within the mediation process. A few years later, she changed the format and the name of her podcast to “Here’s Theresa”, which is still broadcasting on  The reason for this change was to broaden her abilities and conversations with her guests, to be more inclusive for topics that were meaningful and important to her, that she felt would be another way to teach, inform and enlighten her listeners, for approximately 9 successful years. These shows are archived on, as well as, still streaming on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

An advocate for education, she has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, a Masters in Business Administration and Technology Management both from The University of Phoenix.  Theresa has a Professional Certificate in Mediation from the University of Phoenix and a Professional Certificate in Mediating The Litigated Case, from Pepperdine University School of Law, Washington, D.C. She also has a Paralegal Certificate from Roosevelt University.  Theresa has worked in the Justice Courts as a Hearing Officer hearing  Small Claims cases/Civil Traffic cases. She was a Volunteer Mediator for the Attorney General Office – Civil Rights Division, where she boasts a high percentage of case resolutions.  In addition to volunteering her time and efforts to train high school students for Peer Mediation and assisted in training other prospecting mediators for the Attorney General Office. She is a firm believer that our conflicts, disagreements and misunderstandings can be resolved through great guidance with a Professional Mediator, who has the abilities to open conversations with the willingness of all parties involved, to agree to put all of the reasons that has brought them to the mediation process on the table, in order to come to an Amicable Resolution as swiftly as possible.

Theresa is a strong believer for knowing that we all have a God Given Life Destiny(s) to reach, which attributes to the importance of reinventing herself, as she is no longer in the Justice Court System hearing Small Claims or Civil Traffic Cases or Mediating Cases for the Phoenix Attorney General Office or in her Private Professional Mediation Practice and neither is she being a Podcast Host.

Theresa is now turning her attention to other areas of interest in her life.  For example, she is pursuing becoming a Remote Board of Director, which will give her the opportunity to combine her wealth of education and business skills to organizations that need her assistance.  She is also employing her Scripting Skills, for publishing Articles and Op-Ed’s. She has plans on using her Orator abilities for Speaking at Events. And, in regard to furthering her Scripting Abilities, she is presently working on Writing and Publishing her first Book to be completed in 2024.

“For Me, In Life, There Is Never A Dull Moment. Only Teachable Moments.  It is within these moments, that I learn that “Nothing Lasts Forever, but Gods Love.”  This is also where I allow these moments to instruct me, to give me the necessary tools that I need, in order that I may gain clear understanding as to why this situation is happening to me, so it doesn’t happen again.

I have Learned Not Be Afraid of Trials And Tribulations; because, They are the mechanisms, that are to Be Used in my life, as Teachers, and or as Guides, to address any unforeseen events that may occur in my life that are not pleasant. I Have Learned To Keep Moving Forward and Upward In My Life, No Matter How sad the situation may be and how Much It May Hurt. For I realize that it is within these dark times of life’s struggles that I grow closer to God and that I can acquire the needed wisdom, confidence, gratitude, awareness, strength, knowledge and experience, to combat an unwelcoming life event.  All that I refer to as Life’s Magnificent Tools.

As I have learned to consistently embrace, acquire and combine these tools in my life, for I have realized that they can certainly Sharpen my Entire Perspective On What Needs To Be Learned and What Needs To Change In my Life and Then how best to Employ Them With An Open Mind, Which Can Result, In Knowing, Just How Wonderful Life Really Is.”

Theresa E. Keves

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