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My Podcasts Still Remain Strong

One of the most enjoyable portions of my career in business, was becoming a Podcast Host for my program, “Put It All On The Table Through Mediation,” which was later changed to “Here’s Theresa,” as I broadcasted on the great Internet Radio, for approximately 9 years.

I attribute my experiences and the knowledge that I gained by being a podcast host, to help catapult me for broadening my perspective on other life dreams and goals that I want to explore for possibilities of achievement and success.

I decided to use my orator skills, writing skills, and the fact that I enjoy talking to people, combined with knowing that there was and still remains an immense need for positive conversations to be had on our broadcasting channels in our world.  These are some of the main reasons for me becoming a Podcast Host.

Also, it is my hope that one of my monologues and/or conversations with my guests, brought some light to someone’s day who they considered was a bit dull, or perhaps I sparked some idea(s) in a person’s mind that they were contemplating implementing or maybe even one of my Dinner Table Conversations segment, for example, enlightened someone to discuss the topic they heard with there family, friends or co-workers, or even perhaps some listeners even got a laugh, as they were listening to one of my broadcasts.

I am so grateful that my Podcasts are still alive and well as they are archived on, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast, for all who would like to listen, as the subject matters are still very much relevant for today.

A hearty “Thank You!!,” to all of those who were and or still are fans of my Podcast.  Just know that I am forever grateful!!

May God Bless You and Keep You!

My shows are archived and you can listen to them by visiting the following URL for “Here’s Theresa” at:


For “Put It All On The Table Through Mediation” please go to the following URL:

Also, you can download the TalkZone app for free from the main TalkZone page: the URL is:

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